How can I get an unique Custom Glass bottles?

We are a glass bottles manufacturer from China –Misa glass, we can customize the mold for you, produce personalized glass bottles, design different styles, of course, you can engrave the trademark or logo embossed on the glass bottle.Then you will have  an unique custom glass bottles of your company.

custom glass bottles

custom glass bottles

Selection of glass bottle materials

When you start to  custom glass bottle,at the beginning you need to select glass bottle material.

For water,food beverage ,honey glass bottles :normally use normal flint(clear transparent) ,or blue material for glass bottles or jars  .

For olive oil  or wine bottle(burgendy,Bordeaux) glass bottles: use green color glass material,there are dark green ,antique green,emerald for your selection.

For beer bottles: there are a lot of color for you to choose,such as  normal flint(clear transparent ),amber ,blue, green glass bottles.

For vodka ,spirits,liquor glass bottles,depends on these products quality.

When your liquor ,spirits or food beverages are high quality.It is better to choose high quality  glass material -super flint glass bottles,then glass bottles will look more high end ,more transparent ,normally they are thick bottom.

If belong to middle end products ,then you could choose normal flint ,clear transparent glass bottle is enough. But in all,no matter how beautiful the outer packaging,if there is no good wine,the whole design is a failure.

 Glass bottles Molds

For customize glass bottles, feature of the mold itself, it is no problem to incorporate embossed / engraved features into your bottle. This is a cost-effective (free) way to give your product more impact and individualize your brand. Not all the details can be achieved in this way, but send us your design for review and we can let you know.

Glass bottle packaging is a systematic project,Misa glass bottle packaging  design has a higher design requirement.Details as below :

Glass bottles design

Including the appearance of the bottle,capacity and color of glass;bottle cap selection,cap style,whether the combination of the bottle cap and the bottle body is coordinated,and how to determine the bottle cap color, etc.

1. Label content and pattern design

Label content and graphics are the most intuitive part of the product design.so how to design in place is very important.this requires adequate communication and coordination before designing.avoid causing regrets.

2.Glass bottles outer box packaging design

If the glass bottles and labels have a clear design idea,outer box packaging can be based on glass bottles and labels,copy or make a slight change,pay attention to the coordination of internal and external design.

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