Borosilicate glass has superior properties
It is a low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and special glass materials with high chemical inertia,Because of its excellent function,Widely used in solar energy,chemical,pharmaceutical packaging, electric light source,craft jewelry and other industries.Its good function has been widely recognized by all walks of life around the world.especially in the field of solar energy, it is more widely used.developed countries such as europe and the united states have carried out more extensive promotion.made of borosilicate glass,adding water glass sand of glaze made of boron traditional glass,soda and ground lime.

borosilicate glass

borosilicate glass

It is has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion,about one-third of ordinary glass.this will reduce the effects of temperature gradient stress,thereby having a stronger resistance to breakage.because its shape deviation is very small,this makes it a mirror,an essential material in the mirror.it can also be used to treat high-level nuclear waste.

Application of borosilicate glass

1, Used in high quality beverage glass containers.with the compatibility of microwave ovens and dishwashers,therefore, the kitchenware increases durability.
2, Aquarium heaters are also used.due to its high heat resistance,it can tolerate a large difference in temperature between water and nichrome heating elements.
3, Professional lighters and pipes are made of borosilicate glass.high heat resistance allows the tube to be tolerated for a longer period of time,these pipes are also more durable.
4, Glass cookware is another common usage.a borosilicate glass pie plate is almost an american standard plate. glass measuring cup,have a mark on it,widely used.


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