Glass Jar

212ml jam jar food Jar chinese manufacturer

The slightly wider than normal jam jar makes retrieving the jam that just that little bit easier

200ml Clear Glass Jar food bottles chinese manufacturer

This handy little jar is perfect for packaging your ranges of jam and chutney.

650ml Clear Glass Jar & Twist-Off Lid To82 (22oz)

650ml Clear Glass Jar Can store all kinds of food or spices including jam,preserves, pickles, chutneys, vinegars… and so much more!

222ml Glass Food Jar & Twist-Off Lid To63 (7.5oz)

Our 222ml Glass Food Jar is a simple, yet charming, glass food jar that is just waiting to be filled with your range of jams, marmalades, mustards and other preserves, or even large quantities of herbs and spices.

450ml glass jar food bottles To70 Canned bottle

Item No:MS48023 450ml glass jar