Vodka Origins.Russia is the main country producing vodka, in addition,Poland, Latvia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries can brew Premium Vodka.”

About Vodka

Vodka is made from grains or potatoes, distilled to make alcohol of up to 95 degrees, and then desalinated to 40 to 60 degrees with distilled water, and filtered through activated carbon to make the wine more crystal clear, colorless and light and refreshing, making people feel It is not sweet, bitter, or astringent, but only a flaming stimuli, forming the unique characteristics of vodka.

Vodka is one of the most flexible, adaptable and adaptable wines among the base wines for making various cocktails.(Data source: wikipedia


The origin of the word “vodka”

The Russian word “Vodka” has the same root as the Polish word “Wodka”, which in Slavic means a small amount of water.
In 1533, the first mention of “vodka” in ancient Russian texts was in Novgorod’s chronicle, meaning “medicine”. Used to scrub wounds, taking it can relieve pain.
In 1751, in the official document promulgated by Catherine I, “vodka” has the meaning of alcoholic beverage, but in the folk alcohol is still called “grain wine” or usually simply called “wine”.

The Vodka Origins in Russia

Legend has it that as early as the end of the 15th century in Russia, after a group of monks made a liquid for disinfection, some people tried to drink the liquid and felt good, and then people used imported alcohol, local grains and spring water to brew vodka

The Vodka Origins in Poland

The Poles believe that the wine known in Russia as Gorzalka has been around since the 8th to 12th centuries AD.
Early vodka came from frozen wine. Because alcohol has a lower freezing point, throw away the frozen part of the wine first, and the remainder is basically the result of distillation.
More advanced distillation technology appeared in 1400 AD. The early Poles used vodka as a medicine. Polish historians believe that the Poles integrated this new distillation method to produce better quality vodka. liquor.
In 1772, Poland was divided into parts of Russia, Prussia and Austria-Hungary. They believe that vodka was introduced to Russia from Poland during this period.

Now people generally believe that the origin of Vodka

Vodka officially appeared when Ivan III established the state monopoly of the liquor that Russians loved to drink in 1478.
In 1553, Ivan the Terrible opened the first vodka tavern in Moscow, earning high profits. The 19th century was a solid century for vodka to occupy the international market.
Although vodka is highly alcoholic, it started out with a common name: Table Wine No. 21, and has since gone by several names like “bread wine” and “shochu”. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it was officially named “vodka”, because this strong liquor contains more water than wine, so it is homophonic with the pronunciation of Russian water.

Difference Between Polish and Russian Vodka

Russian vodka originally used barley as raw material, and then gradually switched to starchy potatoes and corn. There is nothing special about making mash and distilled raw wine, but the raw wine obtained by rectification during filtration is injected into the birch activated carbon filter tank. The slow filtration process makes the distillate fully contact with the activated carbon molecules to purify, and removes all the oils, acids, aldehydes, esters and other trace elements contained in the original wine to obtain very pure vodka. Russian vodka is transparent and has almost no other aroma except the wine aroma. The taste is fierce, punching the nose, and stimulating like fire
The brewing process of Polish vodka is similar to that of Russia. The difference is that the Polish people add some herbs, plant fruits and other flavoring ingredients in the brewing process, so Polish vodka is richer and more flavorful than Russian vodka.


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