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ShangHai Misa Glass Co.,Ltd , is one of the well-known glass bottle and jar manufacturers, founded in the 1990s,with 4 plants,25 production lines,2 decal workshops and 2 six-color automatic printing machines imported from Italy.
Our company has a pragmatic and hardworking management team. We have many well-known experts in this industry taking a great responsibility in all aspects involved in the glass production like furnaces, technique, bottle production, automation, mould design and quality control etc. And we also join the protocol of Chinese National Standard of Glass Industry many times.
We make custom glass bottles & containers for spirits,vodka,beverages,Perfumes,Cosmetics & other Specialties.Also Provide general purpose glass bottles such as beer bottles, food bottles, sauce bottles, wine bottles,Water bottle,liquor bottle,vintage bottle etc.Glass material we could do is flint glass bottle,high flint glass bottle,blue glass bottle,amber glass bottle,green glass bottle,borosilicate bottle.The annual sales are more than 800 millions pcs. Our company has been serving many famous domestic beer and liquor companies and exporting to over 50 countries in Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.



China Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers

China Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers