Several major trends in the development of daily-use glass industry in China
1. Daily glass products will be more and more popular in people’s lives.consumers are concerned about quality,the requirements for flower varieties are getting higher and higher.the market for the daily-use glass industry is becoming wider and wider;

2. High-quality development has become the key word for the transformation and upgrading of the daily-use glass industry in the new pay more attention to improving the quality and level of development.industrial upgrading and structural adjustment continue to deepen;

3. The drums of the green development of the industry are getting louder and louder.the pace is getting faster and faster;

4. Innovative development,skill improved,technological innovation is still the main theme of industry development;

5. Cross-border cooperation and internet +,Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc.will bring new opportunities for the development of the industry;knowledge owner and capital owner co-governing enterprises will become a model for sustainable development of enterprises;

6. Marketization, specialization, individualization, diversification, intensification,internationalization has become the mainstream of industry development;

7, product standardization is getting higher and higher,producer,managers’ awareness of standardization is growing stronger;

8. Cultural leadership has become inevitable.first-class enterprises are becoming more and more culturally aware;

9. Proactively assume social responsibility,fulfilling social obligations has become a fashion pursuit in the development of the industry.

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