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Often find bubbles in tempered glass,Where did it come from?What are the factors involved? The role of gas and glass solutions,The physical and chemical properties of glass solutions interfere with the formation or disappearance of bubbles. Temperature: The temperature of the glass,Directly interferes with the viscosity of the glass solution,Surface tension,There is also the dissolution […]

Wine bottle appearance of the bottom of the bottle is mainly due to the following reasons: 1,glass wine bottle concave bottom is to improve the impact of the bottle,The reason is that flat-bottom bottles have poorer resistance, while the bottom flask has a higher physical strength,Can greatly reduce the probability of collision damage. 2. The uniform […]

Glass material is a common thing in our lives, so that we often ignore its existence. However, if we seriously think about it, we will immediately discover that if there is no glass in the world, her face will be completely different. If there is no glass, a watch worn on it cannot appear, and we […]

In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, lightweight bottles is the leading product of glass bottles. Germany Obeband company produced glass jar, 80% is a lightweight disposable bottle. Precise control of raw material composition, precise control of the whole process of melting, low pressure blowing technology (NNPB), cold and hot side of […]

The advantages of glass packaging containers in the field of beverage packaging 1. Glass has a good barrier properties, can be a good way to prevent the oxygen gas and other materials on the erosion of the contents, and can prevent the volatile components of the contents of the volatile to the atmosphere; 2. Glass […]