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Ultra clear glass(Also called ultra white glass) is an ultra transparent low-iron glass.Also known as low iron glass,Highly transparent glass.It is a high quality,A new type of new high-grade glass,The light transmittance can reach 91.5% or more.Crystal clear,High-grade and elegant features,There is a glass family called “Crystal Prince”. Ultra-clear glass combines all the processing properties […]

Glass container – we see them everywhere in the lab Clean and dry glass instruments should be used for each experiment.and so,The glassware should be washed and dried immediately after use. The glass instrument controlled by dry cleaning is placed on the drip rack or in a special cabinet to control the water to dry.Inverted […]

The refractive index of the flat glass and the wavelength of the incident light,Density of glass,temperature,Hot history and the composition of the glass has a close relationship.(Glass bottles and flat glass) (1) Relationship between refractive index and composition of glass In general,Glass refractive index depending on the polarizability of the ions inside the glass and the […]

China glass bottle manufacture quality factor: –Eight factors that affect the finish of glass bottles After the glass bottle is formed,Sometimes the bottle will have a lot of spots and wrinkles.Bubble scratches, etc.This will greatly affect the smoothness of the bottle body for the following reasons: 1. When the glass blank falls into the initial […]

  Billions of glass bottles are produced in china every year(parfums bottle). Sold all over the world,we have been focusing on perfume bottles(parfums bottle) for more than 10 years.we always pursue high quality glass bottles,we hope to make better products with higher requirements.perfume bottles are the most artistic,perfume bottles are an art form.     […]

    The color of the bottle(green bottle and amber bottle) In fact, there is really everything,No matter what wine.However,Most beer bottles come in two main colors.Green, amber.Choosing this color is basically a market reason.Depending on the manufacturer’s marketing strategy at the time,But there are some traditions. The history of beer is very long.But the time […]

All along,Perfume sales in China are not warm.indeed,Foreign body shape and body structure the demand for perfume may be even more urgent.The habit of using perfumes in China is not widespread. Based on the above reasons,In addition to the car glass perfume bottle,Domestic glass perfume bottles are more mainly exported.Many companies have set up a […]

The emergence of colored glass is a huge development in the glass industry.There are many forms of glass now,Like stained glass,Mosaic glass, etc.Some glasses are new in the form of glass.Now the development of the glass industry is very fast.There are more and more forms. at the very beginning,Stained glass has only a few Sino-foreign […]

According to misa glass, there are many types of high temperature glass at present.Each kind of glass can produce different thicknesses.You will introduce one by one according to the operating temperature. 300°C high temperature glass:This type of glass is a relatively common type of glass.Its common thickness is 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, […]

 recycled glass bottles Most of the time,we will wonder,why a lot of fine glass bottles will be abandoned,and why are our manufacturers?I would rather buy a new glass bottle than recycle it.through analysis we know that recycling bottles will incur costs,and the cost exceeds the cost of a new glass bottle economy leverage principle decided […]