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China Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers

Five major importance of China glass industry 1. It is a traditional civilian production is an indispensable industry for the development of the national economy; 2. It is an advantageous industry with strong cultural competitiveness and strong competitiveness; 3. It is a green industry in a circular undertaking the construction of resource-saving,an important […]

Five characteristics of daily glass products 1. Security and security.daily glass is recognized as the safest in the world.the most excellent food packaging containers and materials. 2, beautiful and practical.the daily glass industry involves a wide range of fields,wide range of uses,Eat, drink, swing, see, use, play,everywhere,Glass products make people’s lives better,More colorful. 3. Cultural […]

Why choose a crystal cup?

September 30, 2018

Why choose a crystal cup? 1.Clearer The crystal cup has good transparency.the cup made of such a material has a good effect of refracting looks very pleasing when tasting. 2. Lighter and thinner The crystal cup has a high hardness.the cup made is strong enough,the wall of,the cup can be made very thin.the whole […]

Glass product forming processing method Glass generally produces a liquid viscous liquid after combustion and dissolution of the glass raw make it cool,most use the type blowing method,use models of various materials,such as wood, clay, metal, etc.pre-fabricated the required type,pour the molten glass into the model,after cooling, the model is turned on.generally used for […]

The development trend of foreign glass packaging industry 1. Adopt advanced energy-saving technology Energy saving,improve the quality of melting,extend the life of the kiln.another use for energy saving is to increase the amount of broken glass.the amount of broken glass in foreign countries is 60%-70%.ideally, 100% broken glass is used.achieve the goal of “ecological” glass […]

Introduction to the type of glass cocktail glass 1, Liqueur glass: The capacity of the likou cup is only 1’s people drinking liqueurs,or a cup for some cocktail parties,it is also used when drinking pure spirits such as Tequila.In the United States this cup has been turned into Cordial. Shotglass: A cup used to […]

Many glass bottle  in the market are concave bottle bottoms. What are the advantages of concave bottle bottoms for wine storage? Why do designers use concave design? Misa glass brings everyone to understand the secret of concave bottle bottom: One: During the storage of the wine in the bottle, due to a series of physical and […]

Decoration glass bottle Services Misa Glass is Chinese Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers,we offer decoration services in all types of glass-bottles. This enable us to seamlessly provide end-to-end solutions to our global customers, especially in cosmetics bottle & perfume bottle&vodka bottle. We provide an integrated service and technical expertise from concept, artwork design, to final commercial […]

ShangHai Misa Glass are a manufacture of glass bottle in China.Glass material we could do is flint glass bottle,super flint glass bottle,blue glass bottle,amber glass bottle,green glass bottle,borosilicate bottle. For China glass bottles, let’s take a look at this super flint Flint and super-flint are expressions for the qualities of bottle glass. The flint has […]

The main component of the glass is silica.But there are other ingredients that are thought to add to change the properties of the glass.For example, lead, chromium, and uranium.This kind of glass should not be used for food, etc.Although these highly toxic elements exist in a chemical state,But it will inevitably cause harm to the […]