Glass packaging product classification.
Glass packaging – as the name implies, is a glass product that we can’t live without for 365 days a year.

Glass packaging product

Misa glass is a glass packaging manufacturer from China










Misa glass is a glass packaging manufacturer from China,,we can make custom glass bottles .Glass material we could do is flint glass bottle,high flint glass bottle,blue glass bottle,amber glass bottle,green glass bottle,borosilicate bottle.

The main categories: including:
1, glass bottle cans – filled with sweet and sour,Life is full of flavors.Including various types of wine bottles, condiment bottles, storage tanks, etc.;
2, glassware – crystal clear,The food is delicious and visible.Many hotel buffet breakfasts use glass plates;
3, glass insulation container – insulation, preservation, and security;
4, heat-resistant glass,Preservation boxes are the most common,Heat-resistant tea set, tea and water, good to see;
5, medical glass – liquid medicine packaging is the safest;

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