We are from China glass bottle manufacturer,the majority of raw materials used to manufacture glass bottles are sand, soda ash, and limestone. But here we are talking about bioglass

china glass bottle manufactures

china glass bottle manufactures

What is bioglass? it able to achieve a specific creature,physiological function of the glass.implanting bioglass into the bone defect of the human body,it can directly bind to bone tissue,to repair bone tissue,restore the function of its function.bioglass was invented by American L.L. Hench in 1969.its main components are Na2O, CaO, SiO2 and P2O5.if you add a small amount of other ingredients,such as K2O, MgO, CaF2, B2O3, etc.a series of practical bioglasses are available.bioglass is produced in a similar way to industrial glass.melt at a high temperature of around 1400 ° C,after homogenization,pouring into a stainless steel mold to form,after annealing, the product is obtained.due to the special requirements of biological materials,preparation of bio glass must use high purity reagents as raw materials.use platinum crucible as a container to minimize the incorporation of impurities.due to the poor chemical stability of bio glass,easy to react with moisture in the environment,therefore in processing, sterilization and preservation,must be kept dry to prevent deterioration.bio glass has low mechanical strength,can only be used for positions with little capacity,duch as the repair of ear bones, phalanx, etc.applying bioglass to a titanium alloy or stainless steel surface,artificial teeth or joints can be made clinically.


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